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Rubber Mulch Products
As a leading supplier in the industry, Mulch Direct is always on the cutting-edge forefront to offer new products to our customers. Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch and Landscape™ Rubber Mulch utilize a combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative techniques, and the latest research in environmental and safety guidelines. Our playground safe products have become synonymous with the highest standards of quality, durability, and reliability.
Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is clean, non-toxic, 99.9% metal-free, and available in a full spectrum of colors. ADA approved, IPEMA certified, and guaranteed for life, it represents the ultimate surface for children, and for the environment.

- Non-toxic & shock ..absorbent
- Will not rot or mold
- Will not breed or attract ..insects
- Non-abrasive - no splinters
- Reduces dust and mud
- IPEMA Certified & ADA ..Approved
- Low Maintenance
- Odorless
- Long term cost effective
- Guaranteed to last a ..lifetime!

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Need rubber curbing for your playground?

If you plan on installing a public playground we suggest you review the Rubber Mulch Installation Guide for Public Playgrounds

  Landscape™ Rubber Mulch is the best innovation in landscape mulching today. Mulch trees, shrubs, and flowers and never mulch again for years. Available in several different colors from earthy to exotic. A mulch that allows water and nutrients in while blocking weeds out. Good for the environment and for your garden!

- Long term cost effective
- Will not rot or mold
- Will not breed or attract ..insects
- Low maintenance
- Perennial friendly
- Stays in place
- Guaranteed year-round ..color
- Non-toxic
- Odorless
- Minimizes dust

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  Surefoot™ Equestrian Arena Footing is a unique rubber granule made from 100% scrap tires. Applied according to a proven formula, Surefoot™ provides superior shock absorption that eases strain on horses. Even the poorest horses will trot comfortably on the bounce-back surface of Surefoot™. Surefoot™ will also improve your arena’s appearance! The rubber granules contain miniscule fiber content that retains water, thereby minimizing dust--and your maintenance time. Select from a variety of colors that match your arena, mix with sand, and enjoy the benefits for years. Horses perform better on Surefoot™!

- Reduces dust and mud
- Lifetime guarantee
- Will not breed or attract ..insects
- Will not rot or mold
- Reduces overall ..maintenance
- Will not freeze
- Enhances performance
- Non-toxic

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Playsafer™, Landscape™, and Surefoot™ rubber mulches are available by the ton in bulk form, Supersacks, or 30 lb bags in the following colors:
Need rubber curbing for your playground?
Playsafer Rubber Curbs
    • More resilient than wood
    • No CCA or other harmful chemicals
    • No warping or discoloring
    • Easy to install with pre drilled holes
    • No splinters
    • Made from 100% recycled tires
    • Non toxic
    • Flexible with rounded edges
    • Will not rot
    • Will not breed ticks, termites or other insects
    • 20 year warranty
    • Maintenance free
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